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Aug 1, 2018

In this episode, Stephanie R Bridges shares excerpts from the inspiring stories and poems that she has written and captured in her books.  This is one of the most powerful and expressive conversations we have had on Buy Black Podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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3 Key Points:

  1. Children need the freedom to explore and express their voices without judgment from adults.
  2. “Black on Black” is not a crime…and it never was…and it never will be.  
  3. Share Your Story!

Voices of Black Business Show Notes

**Click the timestamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.

  • Today’s Voice of Black Business: In Spirit, Power and Truth – Inspiring Stories & Poetry by Stephanie R Bridges
  • [00:04:48] Interview Begins and Stephanie re-introduces herself to the Buy Black Community
  • [00:06:27] Children’s Books Introduction
  • [00:13:39] “If I Were Part of the Animal Kingdom”
  • [00:16:08] YouTube, Free Book Giveaways, and Sponsorships – How Stephanie provides access to her books for people who can’t afford to purchase.
  • [00:27:32] “Keep the Peace” – Compilation of stories & poetry from women aged 6 to 60
  • [00:33:05] Encouraging girls and boys to use their voices…and not trying to control, “correct”, or redirect their perspectives.
  • [00:37:51] “List of Stuff the Allows Me to Stay at Peace” -Malia
  • [00:39:40] Stephanie talks about her upcoming “Keep the Peace” style project focused on helping boys and young men use their voices to speak their truth
  • [00:46:08] In Spirit, Power and Truth…excerpts from Stephanie’s book of adult-oriented poetry about her life’s journey
  • [00:56:00] “Black on Black”
  • [01:02:56] “Right Now”
  • [01:16:11] Stephanie reveals her plans for an upcoming book release that we can expect to find on Amazon in September 2018
  • [01:18:33] “Dandelions – Part 1”
  • [01:22:35] Stephanie and I discuss the Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference that Joylynn M Ross is hosting in September 2018
  • [01:30:41] Stephanie’s number one piece of advice to anyone who has a story inside of them

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