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We amplify the voices of Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Ignite the Global Black Economy. Through this platform our socially conscious listening community connects with black business owners and their companies to learn actionable tips for building successful businesses.

Each week we publish a new, compelling interview with a black entrepreneur who shares their story, teaches us some useful business information, and gives their number one piece of advice for the Buy Black Community as a whole.

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Jan 29, 2018

"Cocky Humble": Networking the DJay Reace Way

In this episode, I connect with DJay Reace to talk about his Mobile DJ business and learn how he builds symbiotic professional relationships that keep his business growing and get the money chasing him, rather than the other way around.  Join us!

Connect with DJay Reace

Jan 22, 2018

What You Can Expect From Me

Focused Interview Format
  • All guests will be on to teach first, promote second
  • They are bringing us value, give them the feedback, engage, ask questions, and if you like their products, buy them
Premier Resource Website

Jan 15, 2018

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Today, I want us to take some time to reflect on what Dr. King really stood for. The American education system and the media only focus on the I Have a Dream speech given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but that message was not the entirety of Dr. King's message. The speech we...

Jan 8, 2018

Lay the Foundation for Your Empire with a Drop Shipping Business

Do you want to start your own business, but don’t feel ready to take such a big risk. Finding a product, buying inventory, advertising…the process can be overwhelming.  My guest Started a Drop Shipping Business to lower her risk and get her first...

Jan 2, 2018

Make the New Tax Law Work For You

In this episode, I break down most of the new provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

  • Recording from 1981 Lee Atwater explaining the context of “The Southern Strategy” that Reagan used to beat Jimmy Carter.
    • Specifically, how you get the racist vote in a time when...